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Property Crimes and Fraud

State of Wyoming v. T.S.--2018

Jurisdiction: Campbell County District Court

Charges: Destruction of Property(felony)

Defense: Defendant shot a neighboring "rancher's" bull while the bull was chasing the Defendant's dog on the Defendant's property. Defendant offered to plead to a misdemeanor and pay the replacement value of the bull.The alleged victim "rancher" and the Prosecution proceeded to pursue Felony Destruction of Property charge. Mr. Carter conducted vigorous cross examination of the alleged victim and the Defendant testified on his own behalf.

Disposition: Acquitted at Jury Trial of Felony Destruction of Property, guilty of lesser included misdemeanor Destruction of Property, to which the Defendant had offered to plead guilty.

State of Wyoming v. R.E.-M.--2010

Jurisdiction: Campbell County District Court

Charges: Possession of a Forged Writing with Intent to Defraud

Defense: Defendant was a Mexican citizen and an undocumented worker in the United States. Defendant was detained following a traffic stop and was found to be in possession of a false identification. Mr. Carter argued that while Defendant had in his possession a forged document, the State had failed to prove that Defendant possessed the forged document with an intent to defraud.

Disposition: Acquitted at Jury Trial.


State of Wyoming v. J.W.--2009

Jurisdiction: Campbell County District Court

Charges: First-Degree Arson

Defense: The prosecution presented a taped confession of Defendant. Mr. Carter argued that the taped confession was obtained by improper coercion by law enforcement and that the physical evidence did not match the taped confession. Further, through cross-examination, Mr. Carter established that another individual was possibly involved in setting the fire in question.

Disposition: Acquitted at Jury Trial.


State of Wyoming v. D.B.--2007

Jurisdiction: Campbell County District Court

Charges: Grand Larceny (felony)

Defense: Mr. Carter argued that while Defendant had in fact taken a vehicle and driven it several hundred miles, Defendant did not intend to “permanently deprive” the owner of the vehicle by virtue of the fact that Defendant had abandoned the vehicle in a public place without altering the appearance of the vehicle nor damaging the vehicle.

Disposition: Acquitted at Jury Trial. (Convicted of misdemeanor joyriding.)

State of Wyoming v. D.M.—1995

Jurisdiction: Campbell County District Court

Charges: Identity Theft and Conspiracy

Defense: Defendant was suffering from a severe mental illness that made her incapable of forming intent to commit the charged crime.

Disposition: Found Not Guilty By Mental Illness or Deficiency.

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