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Ron Wirthwein Esq.


Ron grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming graduating from Cheyenne East in 1996.  Ron graduated from the University of Wyoming College of Law in 2006 with Honors.  Ron worked as a Staff Attorney for Judge Perry, Judge Price and Judge Deegan for two years.  Ron went onto work at the Gillette Public Defender’s Office from 2008-2010.  In 2010 Ron joined The Nick Carter Law Firm until taking a position at the Campbell County Attorney’s Office in 2012.  Ron was elected as the Campbell County attorney in 2014 and again in 2018.  In 2020 Ron rejoined The Nick Carter Law Firm.

Ron lives in Gillette with his wife Irene.

 Below is a list of selected cases Ron took to trial:


State v. Hawes, 335 P.3d 1073—This was a husband kidnapping his wife
State v. Snyder, 2015 WY 91—Multicount Sexual Abuse of a Minor
State v. Butler, 2015 WY 119—Sexual Abuse of a Minor 
State v. Vaught, 2016 WY 7—Multicount Sexual Assault and Kidnapping 
State v. Pearson, 2017 WY 19—Aggravated Arson and Attempted Murder
State v. Foltz, 2017 WY 155—Felony murder by child abuse
State v. Young, 2018 WY 53 5 Count sexual abuse of a minor
State v. Nielsen, 2018 WY 132—Felony Murder
State v. Sindelar, 2018 WY 29—Murder in the 2nd
State v. Sparks, 2019 WY 50—Sexual Abuse of a Minor
State v. Luis Flores Gomez, 2020 WY 5—Sexual Abuse of a Minor
State v. Lajeunesse, 2020 WY 29—Sexual Abuse of a Minor
State v. Shields, 2020 WY 101—Sexual Abuse of a Minor
State v. Neidlinger, 2021 WY 40—Sex Assault 

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