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Battery and Stalking

State of Wyoming v. R.T.--2018

Jurisdiction: Campbell County Circuit Court.

Charges: Domestic Battery and Destruction of Property.

Defense: Defense Counsel established on cross examination and by showing police body cam videos that the alleged injuries to the accuser were more consistent with the Defendant's version of events.Defendant testified on his own behalf. Defense Counsel further argued that prosecution did not provide sufficient evidence for the Destruction of Property charge.

Disposition: Acquitted by Jury on both counts.

State of Wyoming v. K.H.--2017

Jurisdiction: Campbell County Circuit Court.

Charges: Domestic Battery.

Defense: Defense Counsel established during cross examination that any contact between the Defendant and his wife was accidental. Mr. Carter made an oral Motion for Judgment of Acquittal.

Disposition: Acquitted. Motion for Judgment of Acquittal granted.

State of Wyoming v. D.R.—November 2016

Jurisdiction: Campbell County Circuit Court

Charge: Battery

Defense: Mr. Carter successfully represented a defendant charged with battery against a police officer at a rock concert.Mr. Carter pointed out the unlikelihood of the officer's story, and argued that the battery was likely a misunderstanding.The jury found the defendant NOT GUILTY.

Disposition: Acquitted


State of Wyoming v. C.B.--2010

Jurisdiction: Campbell County Circuit Court.

Charges: Family Violence Battery, Interference With an Emergency Call, 2 Counts of Violation of a Protection Order.

Defense: Mr. Carter argued that there was insufficient evidence that Defendant had struck his estranged wife or engaged in other misconduct.

Disposition: Acquitted at Jury Trial.


State of Wyoming v. E.H.--2006

Jurisdiction: Campbell County District Court

Charges: Felony Stalking

Defense: Mr. Carter argued on appeal that Defendant was not afforded the benefit of a plea agreement and that the Court improperly denied Defendant’s attempt to withdraw his plea.

Disposition: Reversed by the Wyoming Supreme Court. Defendant eventually pled to a misdemeanor.

State of Wyoming v. H.S--1999

Jurisdiction: Campbell County Circuit Court.

Charges: Stalking.

Defense: Mr. Carter argued that there was insufficient evidence that Defendant was stalking his ex-wife and that the alleged victim had a motive to put Defendant in legal jeopardy.

Disposition: Acquitted at Jury Trial.

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